Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Introducing: RePosit

The RePosit project is a collaboration between 5 HEIs all of whom use or are in the process of migrating to using a publications management system as a primary deposit interface to their digital repositories. The project aims to enhance the uptake of this interface within each institution, and to develop training and support materials for this use case (identified by SONEX as one of the most significant deposit use cases), which are of value to all HEIs in this situation, irrespective of the software that they use.

The project will begin with a review of existing strategies for increasing uptake based on previous JISC projects, and move on to the implementation of training and support materials which will then be used at each of the partners to both enhance the repository and validate the training approach. These materials will be available to the community as a whole as they are developed. Simultaneously advocacy programmes will be run at the partner institutions to encourage engagement by researchers.

Finally, the project will evaluate its success by comparing before-and-after statistics for the repository content, by examining the potential number of deposits from the publications management system, and by soliciting feedback from the users as to the effectiveness of the software and the training approach.

The project plan is currently under development and will be available on this blog shortly.

posted by: Richard Jones

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