Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Saying hello, saying goodbye: project team changes

In recent weeks we've had a couple of changes to the RePosit team, which have affected our project work in different ways. First, Gill Still started working on RePosit at Exeter, to give extra support to what Jill Evans has been covering. This means a fresh pair of eyes reviewing what we're doing and a new perspective – for which we are very grateful, and it is already proving to be of real benefit.

Sadly, very recently Richard Jones left the project team, having finished working for Symplectic Ltd. We will miss his technical insights as well as his clever ways of thinking around any problem that occurs to turn it to advantage. Unfortunately, though, before Richard left Symplectic, he was not able to complete the Repository Tools implementation at Plymouth (and therefore not for Exeter either). Although others at Symplectic have taken over working on the implementations, this unexpected delay for going live with Repository Tools does have knock-on effects for the project at Plymouth and Exeter – since, although they can (and have) been advocating, explaining benefits and embedding the concept within management, neither institution can start advocating deposit at the user level, nor running training sessions, until the systems are linked and live. Therefore, with just three months to go before the stated project end date, we are reviewing what we can do to still deliver the desired project outcomes.

posted by: Lizzie Dipple

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