Thursday, September 30, 2010

2nd Project team meeting minutes

Herewith the full minutes from the second RePosit project team meeting, held on Monday 13th September at the University of Exeter. We had a lot to cover and it was quite an intense session, so there is plenty to read about.

In brief:
After a quick project progress update, we did an in-depth review of the lessons our project could learn from reading documentation on the various JISC projects that had done work in similar or related areas (individual review resumes are posted in this blog tagged with #Literature review).
These lessons included: tailor/target advocacy, demonstrate usability, combined advocacy (one 'team' message), don't use jargon, embed in the work life-cycle, continual reminders and in as many ways as possible, be aware of cultural differences/barriers.

We spent some time working out how to approach advocacy strategies, whether via the message itself (key benefits), which audience it would be aimed at (e.g. senior managers, librarians, academics - all of whom might be engaged or not), how it would be delivered (e.g. passive info, one-to-ones, training sessions), and decided that each HEI being at a different stage would need to pull together these different strands in different ways to produce different strategies, such as blanket awareness-raising, using champions or targeting early career academics. Having outlined the grid of possibilities, we fleshed out some key sample strategies for an institution just starting out with a brand-new repository, such as Keele's situation. The content of advocacy materials really relates to which points from a full list of benefits/requirements is specifically applicable to whichever group you are targeting. Therefore we spent some time working out our master list of messages. To finish off, we had a brief review of what and when our training events should be, how we will produce the necessary accompanying materials, some thoughts for the user survey, a look at possible events next year we can piggy-back on to for dissemination purposes and a review of all the many actions we now have to complete!

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