Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2nd RePosit meeting, Exeter 13th Sep

The 2nd RePosit meeting was held in Exeter on Monday 13th Sep.

The focus of the meeting was around the advocacy strategies and materials and thinking about the mechanisms by which they would be delivered. This was informed by the literature reviews and experiences at our institutions. Through a very intense but creative process, there are now actions for the HEIs to draw up their advocacy plans and for Symplectic to start work on the training materials. Further dissemination and communication events were also suggested.

The next meeting is scheduled for January in Leeds and there will be run throughs of the presentations ready for feedback as well as detailed scheduling of the workshops in each institution.

The project team met up for a meal on Sunday and this was a great opportunity to chat and catch up. The project is already generating good networking opportunities and good practice sharing both with Symplectic and repositories but also with other aspects of our professional work.

Nicola Cockarill
Senior Subject Librarian, University of Plymouth

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