Thursday, December 23, 2010

Notes from third project team Skype call on 22nd Dec 2010

This week saw our third project Skype conference call, despite problems caused by snow for some people on Monday.

Skype call meeting minutes 22nd Dec 2010

We had fewer attendees than usual, but we still managed to cover good ground. There were a few specific issues to discuss - such as the statistics for system users, which are proving tricky to calculate or extract, and the use of certain advocacy materials as related to the format. We looked at when the various advocacy plans are expected to be approved for public viewing outside the project team - with at least two due up on the blog this week. And we also had a useful discussion of how preparations are going for our next project team meeting - to be held in Leeds in January. This is not just an ordinary team meeting, since we will have a conference call link-up with the QMUL designers for part of it, plus - very importantly - there will be an audience of invitees for the first two trial-run advocacy presentations. With this in mind, we hope to have one more team Skype conversation prior to meeting up in Leeds.

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