Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year, fresh project meetings

Happy New Year to everyone following the RePosit project!

We are currently preparing for the next wave of activity in RePosit, and at the moment our focus is the project team meeting taking place at project partner Leeds University next Thursday and Friday (13th/14th January). The Leeds meeting will be particularly important for two reasons: (i) there are a number of invited guests coming for part of the meeting, and (ii) it is about at the halfway point in the project's lifetime, and therefore is a milestone in terms of starting to move from planning into doing activities. The invitees, a group from a mixture of academic faculties, research office and library, have kindly agreed to listen to and give feedback on two trial-run advocacy presentations using the materials we've been creating - one aimed at senior managers and one aimed at researchers - and will be our first real audience. We should also have the first designs from the QMUL Creative Services team ready for viewing at the meeting, and we are planning a Skype hook-up with one of the designers to discuss our reactions to and hopefully approval of the work.

posted by: Lizzie Dipple

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