Monday, June 13, 2011

Digital preservation and self deposit

Advocacy and outreach surrounding RePosit will hopefully increase deposits through the connectors. The exact numbers and scale is YTD but what we do know for certain is that user generated files bring digital preservation and long-term access issues with them. While a vast majority of the files will be ok, can we be certain all the files are healthy and reusable for the future? How do we automate file verification to free up repository staff time and resources? All very exciting questions, challenges and issues surrounding increased deposits both from external users and content creating internally.

The AQuA project is investigating these issues and more:

AQuA project, a JISC funded collaboration between: University of Leeds, University of York, British Library, and Open Planets Foundation will have project outputs that can be implemented in repositories to assist with the growing list of file issues.

Future postings on how the tools can assist repositories will be posted after the 3 day London event 13-15 May 2011. Outcomes from the Leeds AQuA Event held in April are on the AQuA wiki.

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