Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kultivate Metadata Workshop

While many of the members from the project team were at the Symplectic User Conference at the end of May a couple of weeks ago, I was across town at the Kultivate Project Metadata Workshop giving a talk on issues surrounding non-text and practice-led research outputs.

What is a Kultivate workshop?

Kultivate workshops bring together repository managers and other key stakeholders interested in creative and visual arts research discussing specific topics. Previous topics have consisted of advocacy at the February event and March centered around archiving and curation. Attendees are always very engaged, generously sharing experiences and ideas that you can take back and immediately implement in your institution.

Ironically, I heard through the grapevine that arts deposit came up at the Symplectic Conference the very same day Kultivate was meeting. Arts research being talked about in the broader context of research outputs, makes me very happy and illustrates Kultivate's timeliness in addition to how repositories have grown beyond journal articles and book chapters.

How does this relate to the RePosit Project?

It relates in many ways as repositories will be dealing with all types of content at some point if not already, especially in the planning and build up to the REF. Practice led research (art, design, performance etc...) represents vast quantities of research outputs that have traditionally been curated within departments or were out of scope for the publications database. This is one more area for repositories managers to keep an eye on and plan for future expansion of services and tools.

posted by Jodie Double, on the train back to Leeds after a very productive RePosit project meeting today

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