Monday, June 13, 2011

Forthcoming project team meeting and report deadline extension

Although we've had a number of Skype calls and informal meet-ups at other events, it's been five months since our last full project meeting - held in Leeds in January. So this week we have our fourth project team meeting, taking place on Thursday 16th June in London. As well as reviewing progress so far, and hopefully resolving any final niggling issues, the two major topics we'll be discussing are: what to put together for our part of the RSP dissemination event and how we want to put together our final project report - once all the findings are in.

Our revised project report deadline is 20th October 2011. Unfortunately, after further delays to the implementations of Repository Tools at Plymouth and Exeter - compounded by the departure of Richard Jones from Symplectic - in discussion with our JISC programme manager, an extension to the deadline for submitting the final project report was agreed to allow extra time so that the Universities of Exeter and Plymouth could also run training and advocacy activities as per their published plans (Exeter and Plymouth). Of course, this extension basically runs through the summer vacation, so there will be different types of opportunities (and possibly fewer of them) to talk to academics compared to term time - something that has to be worked around.

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