Thursday, August 5, 2010

1st Project team meeting minutes

Herewith the full minutes from the first RePosit project team meeting, held on Tuesday 20th July at Queen Mary, University of London (attached below).

In brief:
The discussions started by looking at each of the five HEIs in terms of where each site is up to at the moment, what content is in the repository, what their workflows are. Each institution is currently at a very different stage, both in terms of technology use and attitudes to deposit. Then we discussed what each partner hoped to gain from the RePosit project. We looked at the JISC expectations and requirements (in particular, documentation and dates) and sorted out the project admin. The main part of the meeting was taken up by a review of the project proposal and looking at our next steps, starting with a literature review of other JISC projects for key lessons learned to help shape our own advocacy and training programme and materials, ready for discussion at our next project meeting in September in Exeter. Finally, in looking ahead to the project's full scope of activities, it was agreed to run the project for 12 months, to end in July 2011.

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